The Mayor of Kyiv, Vitaliy Klitschko, warned that in winter it may be colder than usual in the homes of Kyiv residents

Anna Kholodnova

Kyiv Mayor, Vitaliy Klitschko, answering the question of "Babel" journalists about what residents of the capital shoud prepare for in winter. He told that he does not want to reassure everyone and say that “everything will be fine”.

"We live in harsh realities and have to be ready with different scenarios," the mayor stated.

According to him, gas is the responsibility of the government. The Cabinet of Ministers assured the city authorities that there will be gas for the population and that it will not increase in price.

"This is the expectation. But we do not rule out that there may be acts of terrorism, attacks on gas stations. We also take this scenario into account. We bought generators, fuel for these generators. First of all, they will go to hospitals, kindergartens and schools. We will do everything possible and impossible, which depends on us, to keep the houses warm," Klitschko emphasized.

At the same time, the mayor asked everyone to prepare warm clothes at home and warm blankets. He does not rule out that the temperature in homes will be several degrees below normal. "The normal temperature is 21 degrees, but it may be 19 or 18," Klitschko clarified.

According to him, there may be power outages, but the city authorities will try to ensure that this does not happen.

"If there are power outages, we have generators. If there is no heating or no gas, we have reserves of fuel oil. We will be able to function autonomously for a while. But this is a fairly short period of time that is needed to solve the problem," added Vitaliy Klitschko.