Serena Williams announced her intention to retire from tennis

Anna Kholodnova

American tennis player, and champion of 23 Grand Slam tournaments, Serena Williams says she is ready to retire from professional tennis and focus on the birth of another child and business.

This is reported by the Associated Press.

"I turn 41 this month, and something has to happen," Williams wrote in an essay published in Vogue magazine.

The tennis player said that she does not like the phrase "retirement" and wants to think of this stage of her life as "stepping away from tennis to other things that are important to me."

Serena Williams will play at the US Open, the final Grand Slam tournament of 2022, starting in New York on August 29.

  • Serena Williams is a four-time Olympic champion: once in singles and three times in doubles. Also, the owner of the non-calendar Grand Slam in singles and doubles and the only, both among men and among women, owner of the career "Golden Slam" (it includes victories in all four Grand Slam tournaments and at the Olympic Games) in singles and in even digits.