Israel struck the Gaza Strip and eliminated the head of operations of “Islamic Jihad”

Anna Kholodnova

The Israeli army began a military operation in the Gaza Strip against the Palestinian terrorist organization "Islamic Jihad". The Israeli military carried out several strikes.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Israel.

"Military planes of the IDF struck a high-ranking member of the Palestinian organization "Islamic Jihad", Tisir Jabari, the commander of the northern region of the Gaza Strip, who in recent days was tasked with promoting plans for anti-tank attacks against Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers," the message reads.

According to Reuters, an official representative of the militants confirmed his death.

Israeli troops also eliminated about 10 terrorists of the "Islamic Jihad". In addition, the Israelis attacked military bases and buildings used by operatives of the Palestinian organization.

In a radius of 80 km in the Israeli rear, a "special situation" was declared, and special instructions for the civilian population were published on the state emergency portal.

"The IDF continues its actions against the Palestinian "Islamic Jihad" in order to restore the security of the residents of the State of Israel," the countryʼs Ministry of Defense said in a statement.