Ukraine called on Canada to abandon the repair of five more Nord Stream turbines

Kostia Andreikovets

The ambassador of Ukraine to Canada, Yulia Kovaliv, called on the Canadian government to abandon maintenance and repair of five more turbines for the Russian Nord Stream gas pipeline.

It is reported by "European Truth".

In a speech to Canadian MPs, Kovalev stated that the decision to service Siemens turbines is a very dangerous precedent for easing sanctions pressure, which strengthened Russiaʼs position.

"This exemption from sanctions has already strengthened Moscowʼs sense of impunity. We repeat what we said earlier: it is clear that Russiaʼs request for turbines had no technical basis and was aimed only at even greater pressure," the ambassador stated, adding that the maintenance of all turbines will strengthen Russiaʼs ability to terrorize Europe for years with interruptions in gas supplies.

She emphasized that Ukraine seeks to work with European countries to reduce gas dependence on the Russian Federation.

"We aim to help by using the Ukrainian gas route, offering gas storage facilities and supplying the EU with additional electricity that could replace up to 5 billion cubic meters of Russian gas," Kovaliv noted.

  • Since June 16, “Gazprom” has reduced supplies of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to 40% of the nominal capacity, explaining this by the fact that Canada, due to sanctions, did not return the turbine needed for the gas pipeline. Canada made an exception to the sanctions against Russia, repaired the turbine and sent it to Germany, but Russia has not yet taken it back.
  • Against this background, Russiaʼs “Gazprom” reduced gas supplies through Nord Stream to 20% of the pipeʼs capacity.