Kyiv School of Economics: Ukraineʼs losses due to the war reached $108.3 billion

Anna Kholodnova

The Kyiv School of Economics estimated Ukraineʼs direct losses due to the war at $108.3 billion (2.9 trillion hryvnias).

This is stated in the report.

The largest share of the total amount of damage is destroyed housing. According to the latest data, the Russian invaders destroyed and damaged at least 129,900 residential buildings, of which 114,700 are private houses, and 15,100 are apartment buildings. Damages due to the destruction of high-rise buildings amount to $42.3 billion, and owners of private buildings lost another $5.4 billion.

In second place is the sphere of infrastructure. Due to the war, its losses amount to $31.6 billion. Businesses and industries have already lost $8.8 billion due to hostilities.

As of July 27, 2022, the Russian army in Ukraine destroyed 2,217 educational institutions worth $3.8 billion, 903 medical institutions — worth $1.6 billion, and 89 social sphere institutions — where the damage amounts to more than $300 million.

In general, since the beginning of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine, the occupiers have damaged, destroyed, or seized at least 388 enterprises, 43.7 thousand units of agricultural machinery, 1,991 shops, 511 administrative buildings, 18 civilian airports, 105.2 thousand passenger cars, 764 kindergartens, 634 cultural buildings, 27 shopping centers, and 28 oil depots.

  • The Kyiv School of Economics noted that this assessment is the result of the joint work of the KSE Institute, government bodies under the leadership of the Ministry of Reintegration, and the Ministry of Regional Development in cooperation with other ministries and partner organizations within the framework of the National Council for the Recovery of Ukraine from the Consequences of War.