Reuters: Russia plans to resume gas supplies to Europe via Nord Stream-1

Kostia Andreikovets

Russia plans to resume gas supplies to Europe through the Nord Stream-1 pipeline as early as this Thursday.

Reuters writes about this with reference to sources.

Sources familiar with Russian gas export plans reported that the pipeline will resume work on time, but the volume of exports will be smaller — the throughput will be less than 160 million cubic meters per day, it will be reduced by 40%. Such volumes of deliveries were established last month.

  • Since June 16, Gazprom has reduced supplies of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to 40% of the nominal capacity, explaining this by the fact that Canada, due to sanctions, did not return the turbine needed for the gas pipeline. On July 17, she was handed over to Germany for return to Russia. From July 11 to 21, gas supply through this pipeline was completely stopped.
  • It is possible that Russia may resort to blackmail in order to obtain the lifting of sanctions and not restore gas supplies.
  • "Nord Stream-1" is the main route for the supply of Russian gas to Europe after the start of the war in Ukraine.