Almost 100 monks refuse to leave the territory of Sviatohirska Lavra. In total, approximately 600 civilians remain there

Anna Kholodnova

There are still approximately 600 civilians on the territory of Sviatohirska Lavra. Ukraine is working to establish a ceasefire in order to organize a humanitarian corridor from there.

This was reported by the Main Directorate of Intelligence.

The Sviatohorska Lavra stands on the banks of the Siverskyi Donets River in Donetsk oblast. Currently, it is constantly under artillery fire from the Russian military.

Approximately 70% of the civilians who are now on the territory of the monastery are pilgrims and local residents who tried to find shelter there from shelling. A significant part of the pilgrims arrived for the pilgrimage even before the start of active hostilities.

Now the civilians who are hiding in the Sviatohirska Lavra are asking to organize a safe corridor for them.

However, almost 100 monks refuse to leave the territory of the monastery. Some of them are in serious condition due to injuries, age and illness and cannot evacuate. Humanitarian goods are delivered to them — food, water and medicines.

The Main Directorate of Intelligence notes that Ukraine is ready to involve international mediators to help organize a humanitarian corridor.

  • On June 1, Russian troops shelled the territory of Sviatohirska Lavra with artillery. Russian projectiles killed Archimandrite Galaktion, monk Aristoklius and nun Varvara. Several priests were seriously injured.