Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe died in hospital. An attempted murder was made on him

Anhelina Sheremet

The former prime minister of Japan, 67-year-old Shinzo Abe, died in the hospital after the assassination attempted murder — he was shot twice.

This is reported by The Japan Times and NHK.

The assassination attempt on Abe took place on the afternoon of July 8. He spoke in the city of Nara at a rally in support of a candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, of which he was the leader. The politician was shot in the back while giving a speech. As for the suspect, it is currently known that his name is Tetsuya Yamagami, he is 41 years old. He shot Abe with a self-made pistol that looked like a shotgun. The attackerʼs motives are still unknown.

  • Abe first became prime minister in 2006, but resigned a year later. He took office for the second time in 2012. By the time Abe resigned again on health grounds in September 2020, his tenure had reached a record 2 822 days.