The Economic Security Bureau initiates the introduction of criminal liability for embezzlement of European Union money

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Bureau of Economic Security, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, is preparing a draft law on the introduction of criminal liability for any manipulation of EU funds. They are currently coordinating the final version of the document.

This was reported by the Bureau on its Telegram channel.

"The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine, together with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and other state bodies, is developing a new norm of the Criminal Code, previously Article 210-1 "Causing damage to the financial interests of the European Union", which provides criminal liability for illegal actions with the funds of the European Union," it says in the message.

This article will provide criminal punishment for "the whole range of illegal actions." The Bureau emphasizes that this will apply to any fraud with EU funds — from illegal receipt to misappropriation.

  • On June 23, Ukraine officially became a candidate for membership of the European Union. The European Commission has approved certain conditions that Ukraine must fulfill in order to start official accession negotiations. Ukraine plans to fulfill them by the end of 2022.
  • The candidate status gives Ukraine access to special financial funds of the European Union, at the expense of which reforms in countries are financed in order for them to achieve the necessary criteria to become a full member of the EU.