The Ministry of Health named official losses among medics during the war. Doctors in the occupied territories were promised support

Kostia Andreikovets

Health Minister Viktor Liashko said that only according to official data, Russian troops killed 14 medical workers and wounded 48.

Speaking at the Ukrinform media center, he said that since the beginning of the war, 817 health care facilities have been damaged by enemy shells. 122 institutions were completely destroyed — at least UAH 35 billion is needed to restore them. 85 civilian ambulances were destroyed, 105 cars were captured by the Russians.

Liashko added that there are 469 health care facilities in the occupied territories.

He emphasized that Ukrainian doctors in the occupied territories continue and will receive wages — their work is not considered cooperation with the occupier.

"On average, more than 8 billion go to wages every month. Funds continue to be paid to medical workers in the occupied territories. But every day it is more and more difficult to do, because Russia is forcing them to cooperate with the occupation regime," said the head of the Ministry of Health.