China has created an artificial intelligence system that reads the thoughts of Communist Party members and determines their loyalty

Anhelina Sheremet

China has created an artificial intelligence system that can measure the loyalty of Communist Party members to it.

Didi Tang, a correspondent for the British newspaper The Times in Beijing, said that the system was developed by researchers from the National Hefei Science Center.

Artificial intelligence can analyze the facial expressions and brainwaves of Communist Party members as they view materials promoting party policies and achievements.

The technology was described in detail in an article that was published on the Internet on July 1, and then deleted. The article stated: "On the one hand, it can be used to judge the extent to which party members perceive political information. On the other hand, it [artificial intelligence] will provide real data for reflection and policy education, so that it can be improved and enriched.”

In addition, AI technology will strengthen the "confidence and determination" of Communist Party members to "be grateful to the Party, listen to the Party, and follow the Party."

The Hefei National Integrated Science Center invited 43 members of the Communist Party to test the technology. The video, which has also been deleted, showed the "subject" entering a booth, sitting in front of a screen and reading articles promoting the party policies and achievements.

Chinaʼs ruling Communist Party already has an "ideological training program" for its members called Xuexi Qiangguo, or "Study to Make China Strong." The app forces its 96.77 million users to earn points by reading articles, watching videos, and answering questions about communist heroes. The app also tracks the amount of time users spend watching inspirational quotes from leader Xi Jinping and watching short videos of his speeches. As a result, participants can exchange their points for gifts (for example, baked goods and tablets).

  • China is known for tracking its citizens using the latest technology, including a social rating system — "to restore morality and blacklist untrustworthy citizens." In general, reading peopleʼs brain waves is nothing new to China — as recently as 2018, the South China Morning Post reported that brain scanning technology was being used on factory workers in Hangzhou.