Evening summary of the General Staff: the Armed Forces stopped the Russian offensive in three directions

Anna Kholodnova

The General Staff of Ukraine published an evening summary of the situation at the front as of 18:00 on June 4:

  • In the Volyn and Polissia directions, the situation has not changed significantly. The armed forces of Belarus adjust their defensive positions in the border areas.
  • In the Sivershchyna direction, the Russians shelled the districts of Vasulivske, Bilopillya, and Atynske of Sumy oblast.
  • In the Kharkiv direction, the Russian occupiers continue to shell Kharkiv and settlements to the north, northeast, and east of it with artillery. Russian troops also struck from aircraft near Petrivka. The Ukrainian military stopped the assault in the direction of Sosnivka and pushed the Russians back. Russian troops remotely mined the area near Cherkasy Tyshki.
  • In the Slovyansk direction, the Russians are trying to improve their tactical position. Russian troops shelled the areas of Dolyna, Dibrivne, Bohorodychne, Mazanivka, Sukha Balka, Krasnopillia, Virnopillia, Velika Komyshuvakha with artillery, and also shelled from the air near Dibrivne and Bohorodychne. The enemy is conducting an assault in the direction of Mazanivka, with partial success.
  • Russian occupiers are shelling Ukrainian units in the Donetsk direction. The Russians conducted aerial reconnaissance with Orlan-10 drones near Pavlohrad and Pokrovsk.
  • In the Kramatorsk direction, the Russian army shelled the areas of Bilohorivka and Verkhnokamyansk from tanks and barrel artillery and struck from aviation near Tetyanivka. The Ukrainian military successfully repelled the assault in Bilohorivka. The Russian invaders left.
  • In the direction of Bakhmut, Russian troops shelled the areas of Spirne, Berestove and Vershyna with barrel artillery. The Russians carried out an airstrike near Vershyna. After the Russian offensive in the direction of the Vuhlehirsk TPP and the unsuccessful reconnaissance of the Russians by combat in the direction of the outskirts of Berestove, the Ukrainian military forced the enemy to withdraw.
  • In the Avdiivka, Kurakhove, Novopavlivske, Zaporizhzhia and South Buh directions, Russia fired tanks, mortars, barrel, and rocket artillery along the contact line. The enemy launched an air strike in the Ternivka region.
  • In the waters of the Black Sea, Russia keeps three carriers of high-precision weapons ready for missile strikes. Their total salvo is up to 20 Kalibr sea-based cruise missiles.
  • In order to somehow justify their destruction of civilian objects in Ukraine, the Russian occupiers continue to leak information about the location of Ukrainian units in schools, churches and hospitals.