4 people became victims of the shelling of Slovyansk. Russian troops opened fire with cluster shells

Kostia Andreikovets

The mayor of Slovyansk, Vadym Lyakh, reported that on Friday, July 1, the Russians shelled the city with cluster shells from multiple rocket launchers. Four people died and seven more were injured.

“They [cluster munitions] open overhead like fireworks, but instead of beauty they bring death. Such projectiles do not cause total destruction of buildings. But they are very dangerous for people," said the mayor.

The Lymany microdistrict of Slovyansk came under fire — specifically, Barvinkivska, Pidhirna and Danylevskoho streets. The private sector suffered. Lyakh added that 90% of the killed and wounded were on the street. He urged people to take this into account and not leave the premises unnecessarily.

  • The head of Donetsk Oblast Administration, Pavlo Kyrylenko, reported that on July 1, the Russians killed four civilians in the region — all of them from Slovyansk — and wounded 12 people.