In Ukraine, the assets of a travel agency of a Russian billionaire were arrested

Anna Kholodnova

At the initiative of the Security Service of Ukraine, the corporate rights of one of the largest travel agencies, which belonged to a Russian billionaire close to the Russian political elite, were arrested in Ukraine.

This was reported in the Security Service of Ukraine.

According to the SBU, in 2016 the businessman received the award "For Charity" from Russian President Putin. He also owns one of Russiaʼs largest steel and mining companies and holds controlling stakes in several companies. In Russian business circles, this man is called an "iron boy."

The court arrested his tourism business in Ukraine. In particular, the Russian billionaire was deprived of corporate rights in the form of 100% of the companyʼs authorized capital in the amount of more than 31.5 million hryvnias and funds in the amount of more than 3 million hryvnias and $ 106 thousand that were in bank accounts.

All seized assets were transferred to the management of the National Agency of Ukraine for Detection, Search and Management of Assets (ARMA).

Judging by the photo published by the SBU, it is a travel agency TUI. The Security Service probably took this photo from the Gulliver mall website.