Three Russian soldiers received suspicions — they gave the order to kill civilians in Kyiv oblast and tortured the family in Chernihiv oblast

Anna Kholodnova

The prosecutorʼs office reported the suspicion of two Russian commanders who had ordered the execution of civilians in Kyiv oblast, another occupier of the Russian Federation, who was torturing a peaceful family in a village in Chernihiv oblast.

This was reported by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

According to the investigation, in February this year, during the occupation of the village of Peremoha, Brovary district, two servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces ordered their subordinates to capture seven civilians.

The Russian occupiers illegally interrogated the prisoners, beat them with their fists and threatened them with weapons, extracting information about Ukrainian defenders.

After that, on the orders of the suspects, Russian soldiers shot five hostages with firearms.

In March, another Russian serviceman physically and psychologically abused a family living in a village in Chernihiv oblast. Upon entering the family home, the suspect threatened to kill the man and his young son, keeping them at gunpoint.

He also tried to break the possible resistance of the victims, while another as yet unidentified Russian military man tried to sexually assault the 15-year-old stepdaughter of the owner of the house. The girlʼs mother managed to stop the criminal.