Over the weekend, police raided the capitalʼs nightclubs and handed out 219 conscription notices

Julia Sheredeha

Militiamen together with representatives of the military commissariat carried out raids on the city nightclubs. According to the results of the probationary period, men of conscription age were handed conscription notices, people with drugs were detained, and 73 more violators were charged with administrative offenses.

This was reported by the Kyiv police.

The capitalʼs law enforcement officers and military commissars, as part of consolidated mobile groups, conducted raids on night entertainment establishments. The purpose of the raids was to check how the citizens complied with the restrictions on martial law and to prevent violations during the curfew.

The head of the capitalʼs police, Ivan Vyhivskyi, said that over the weekend, law enforcement officers inspected such 420 establishments.

"Under martial law, citizens must comply with curfew restrictions. Thus, Kyiv police together with military commissars patrol the city streets, squares and parks at night, and attention is also focused on inspections of night entertainment establishments. Of all those inspected, two establishments were operating at night and 413 people were found to have violated the curfew. Among these citizens, the commissioner checked men of conscription age for the presence of appropriate registration certificates. As a result, 219 men were handed notices to the military registration and enlistment office," he said.

In addition, law enforcement officers found people carrying drugs. According to all the revealed facts, criminal proceedings have been instituted under Art. 309 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (illegal production, production, acquisition, storage, transportation or transfer of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogs without the purpose of sale).

"I want to emphasize that during the curfew it is strictly forbidden to move around the city, except for special vehicles and emergencies," said the Kyiv police chief.