”This is a provocation.” The head of Rivne oblast asks people not to go to the Belarusian forests for berries

Sofiia Telishevska

The head of the Rivne Oblast State Administration Vitaliy Koval urged the residents of the oblast not to enter the territory of Belarus to collect berries.

"Recently, the leadership of the Republic of Belarus unilaterally allowed Ukrainians to visit the forests of Belarus to collect wild berries. This is a provocation. We ask you to take this consciously and not to cross the state border due to the fact that it is closed on the Ukrainian side, "said the head of the oblast military administration.

According to him, in the forests of Rivne oblast, the oblast defense council has identified areas where you can collect berries. Only in some communities is this prohibited.

  • Prior to the Russian invasion, residents of the border areas with Belarus were free to cross the state border in the summer to pick mushrooms and berries. However, now this country is on the side of the aggressor, allowing the deployment of Russian troops on its territory, as well as missile systems and combat aircraft that strike at Ukraine.