Zoom will provide Ukrainian universities with access to its Large Meeting service

Oleg Panfilovych

Zoom video conference service will provide the professional and high educational institutions in Ukraine with free and extended access to the Zoom Meetings for Education software.

This news was reported in the letter of the Ministry of Education to the educational institutions.

The access will be provided for the period of the year of study 2022-2023. Large Meeting allows the participants to make recordings of the meetings, as well as perform studies for thousands of participants simultaneously.

Those responsible for implementing an online form of education in educational institutions must complete the form at this link by June 27, 2022, to determine the actual needs for Zoom licenses.

"Please note that one institution must submit no more than one application," the letter reads. With full

«Зверніть увагу, що один заклад має подати не більше однієї заявки», — йдеться в листі. The full list of features of the Zoom Meetings for Education service can be found at the link.