The occupiers fired eight missiles at the Kremenchug Refinery and the local heating plant

Sofiia Telishevska

On the morning of June 18, Russian troops launched missile strikes on the city of Kremenchuk in the Poltava region. The missiles hit the destroyed refinery.

This was reported by the head of Poltava Oblast Administration Dmytro Lunin.

According to preliminary data, six to eight Russian missiles hit the refinery and other infrastructure facilities in the city.

Lunin later clarified that in the morning six Russian missiles hit the Kremenchuk oil refinery, which was not working anyway, and two missiles hit the coal heating plant. No one was injured.

During the full-scale war, refineries and thermal power plants suffered the greatest attacks and destruction among the entire infrastructure of Poltava Oblast.

  • On April 2, the occupiers damaged the refinery for the first time, and on April 24 they struck the plant and the local CHP for the second time with nine missiles.
  • On May 12, Russian troops fired four more missiles at the previously destroyed Kremenchuk Refinery.

Kremenchuk Refinery is the largest oil refinery in Ukraine, it was the main producer of fuel in the country. According to the regional authorities, the infrastructure of the enterprise has been destroyed and the plant is not working. The occupiers also repeatedly fired on the Lysychansk refinery and other oil depots.

Since the beginning of the active war, Ukraine has lost almost all its imports of fuel from Russia, Belarus, and the sea. This amounts to about 80% of domestic consumption. Now Ukraine is waiting for fuel imports from Europe.