Bloomberg: The United States is secretly encouraging companies to buy more Russian fertilizers

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The US government is secretly encouraging companies to buy and transport as much Russian fertilizer as possible. This way the United States wants to prevent a global food crisis.

This was reported by Bloomberg, citing its own sources.

The publication notes that the United States is currently faced with a choice of how to continue economic pressure on Russia, but not to do much harm to the world economy. Exports of fertilizers from Russia, which is one of the worldʼs largest suppliers, has already fallen by 24%.

In June, the United States sent a UN-sponsored envoy to Russia to discuss the supplies. Such non-public efforts are aimed at unblocking the supply of fertilizers, grain and other agricultural products from Russia and Ukraine.

The European Union and the United States have introduced exceptions to trade with Russia on fertilizers, but many companies are still refraining from doing so for fear of sanctions. As a result, world food prices have risen sharply.

According to sources, the Kremlin called on the United States to provide guarantees to companies that no sanctions will be imposed on them.