The President of Russia fired collaborator Natalia Poklonskaya from Rossotrudnichestvo

Kostia Andreikovets

President Vladimir Putin has fired the former "Crimean prosecutor" Natalia Poklonskaya as deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo. She held this position for four months.

This was reported by Meduza and a number of Russian propaganda media.

Some media outlets point out that Poklonskaya said earlier that "the letter Z symbolizes tragedy and sorrow for both Russia and Ukraine."

Poklonskaya herself told the propagandists that the decree on her dismissal was signed in connection with her transfer to another job.

  • Poklonskaya is a former Ukrainian and now Russian lawyer. Until 2014, she worked in the Prosecutorʼs Office of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. After the Russian occupation of the peninsula, she betrayed her oath and sided with the occupiers, heading the Crimean Prosecutorʼs Office. In 2016, she was elected a deputy of the State Duma of Russia, where she held the position of Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Affairs. Poklonskaya is wanted in Ukraine.
  • In October 2021, Putin appointed Poklonskaya ambassador to Cape Verde. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine then appealed to the Cape Verde authorities and reminded of the search.
  • On December 6, the Kyiv Court of Appeals allowed Natalia Poklonska to be detained.
  • On January 19, Poklonskaya announced that she had canceled her plans to become ambassador to Cape Verde due to "personal circumstances." On February 2, 2022, she was appointed to a position in Rossotrudnichestvo.