In the last 24h, the Russians shelled the Luhansk Oblast 33 times — 26 houses were destroyed

Anna Kholodnova

During the past 24hrs, Luhansk Oblast police registered 33 Russian shellings of settlements.

This was reported by the National Police.

Russian attacks in Sievierodonetsk destroyed three apartment buildings and two workshops of the plant in one day.

In Lysychansk, two apartment and two private houses and five garages were destroyed. The town of Hirske lost nine private and one apartment buildings. Orikhove was left without eight houses, one private house was destroyed in Pryvillya.

In addition to documenting the destruction, police exposed three collaborators in Rubizhne, the village of Novoaydar and the village of Bilokurakyne. Police also registered two cases of illegal imprisonment or kidnapping, three times the criminals illegally seized vehicles.