The EU has agreed on a single charger for all electronic gadgets. This will save money and reduce waste

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The European Union has agreed that all electronic gadgets must have the same charger type. This means that any electronics retailer in the EU will have to adjust their gadgets to a single standard.

This was reported by the press service of the European Parliament.

Previously, there was only a preliminary agreement between the representatives of the European Parliament and the EU member states. It aims to make electronics in the EU more environmentally friendly, reduce electrical waste and make life easier for users.

The agreement stipulates that by the fall of 2024 in the European Union, all new gadgets must have the same charger — Type-C. This applies to smartphones, tablets, e-books, portable set-top boxes, speakers, headphones and other devices. They must all have a Type-C connector regardless of the manufacturer. At the same time, laptops also have to adapt to a single connector in 40 months.

The EU estimates that the new rules will save users around €250 million a year on various chargers. It can also reduce the amount of household electronic waste by about 11,000 tons.