British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received a vote of confidence and will not resign

Julia Sheredeha

Members of the Conservative Party of Great Britain tonight held a vote of no confidence regarding Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to the results of the vote, Johnson received a vote of confidence. The result was announced by the chairman of the Committee in 1922, Sir Graham Brady.

The BBC writes about this.

He was supported by 221 deputies. 148 opposed him.

The no-confidence vote came amid a scandal involving government parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If most Conservatives declared no confidence in Johnson, he would have to resign and the party would have to elect a new leader who would become prime minister.

According to the rules of the Conservative Party, a second such vote can be held in only 12 months, so now Johnson is protected from resignation for one year.

  • To initiate a no-confidence vote, the Conservatives had to collect the signatures of 15% of their deputies in the House of Commons. In the end, they got that number there.
  • Criticism of Johnson has become very serious in recent weeks as a result of an investigation into parties that were held in the prime ministerʼs office during quarantine. Investigators have determined that in 2020 and 2021, the office held parties without compliance with quarantine measures, which the government has introduced throughout the UK due to coronavirus. Participants were fined. Johnson pleaded guilty, apologized and said he was ready to pay the fine, but said he was not going to resign.