British intelligence: Russia has engaged aircraft to intensify the offensive in the Donbas

Sofiia Telishevska

Russian aircraft have shifted their focus to Donbas to step up the offensive there.

This was reported by British intelligence.

Currently, the Russian Air Force is most active in the Donbas, where the most active fighting is taking place today. The enemy planes strike there with controlled and uncontrolled ammunition.

The intelligence agency said that Russiaʼs inability to suppress or destroy Ukraineʼs strategic air defense systems in the early days of the conflict limited its ability to provide tactical air support to ground maneuvering elements, which contributed to the failure of the offensive on Kyiv.

"As a result, Russiaʼs air activity has been largely limited to deep strikes using cruise missiles and air-to-ground missiles to disrupt the movement of Ukrainian reinforcements and supplies," the statement said.

The intelligence service stressed that these strikes alone could not significantly affect the course of the war, and Russiaʼs stockpiles of high-precision guided missiles were significantly depleted.

"By shifting the operational focus to Donbas, Russia has been able to increase the use of tactical aircraft to support its creeping advance, combining air strikes with massive artillery shelling to ensure its predominant firepower," the intelligence said.