General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces: Russia continues to storm Sievieronetsk, fighting continues in the city

Sofiia Telishevska

The Russian occupiers continue their offensive operations in the Eastern Operational Zone and continue to launch missile and air strikes on military and civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

This was reported by the General Staff of Ukraine.

The situation in the Volyn and Polissya directions has not changed significantly.

In the Siversk direction, the enemy did not take active actions, but gathered units of its armed forces in the border areas of Bryansk and Kursk Oblasts.

Fighting continues in the Slobozhansky direction. The movement of a column of vehicles with fuel and ammunition was recorded in the direction of the settlement of Shypuvate. In the opposite direction, the evacuation of damaged weapons and military equipment (up to 100 units) is carried out.

In the Kharkiv direction, the main efforts of the occupiers are focused on maintaining the occupied borders. Intense fire continues on the units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in the areas of the settlements of Hlyboke, Ruski Tyshky, Staryi Saltiv, and Cherkaski Tyshky. The enemy fired a missile at a transport infrastructure facility near Mokhnach village.

In the Slovyansk direction, the enemy unsuccessfully stormed Bogorodychne and Virnopillya.

In the Donetsk direction, the enemy fires at the positions of our troops along the entire line of contact with mortars, barrel and jet artillery. It uses operational-tactical and army aviation.

The main efforts are focused on the Sievierodonetsk and Bakhmut directions. With the support of artillery, the enemy storms Sievierodonetsk, the fights in the city are ongoing.

In the Bakhmut direction, with the support of artillery, the enemy is conducting an offensive, has no success, and has retreated after having suffered fire damage from Ukrainian units.

In the Avdiivka and Kurakhove directions, the enemy is conducting restraining and distracting actions.

In the Lyman direction, near the settlement of the Staryi Caravan, the occupiers are trying to take control of the left bank of the Siversky Donets river.

The rate of advance of enemy units during hostilities in the Donetsk direction is low, due to the physical exhaustion of personnel and low moral and psychological condition.

In the South Bug direction, the enemy is conducting a positional defense and trying to carry out fire damage to our units.

The invaders are afraid of the growing resistance of the local population, in particular, in the Kherson Oblast. The leadership of the occupiers moves with a large number of guards, in bulletproof vests, in armored vehicles. Locals continue to put up total resistance.

The situation in the Bessarabian direction, as well as in the Black Sea and Azov maritime operational zones has not changed significantly.

Three carriers of Caliber naval-based cruise missiles are ready to use missile weapons in the Black Sea.