Police have exposed the co-owners of the restaurant chain that was transferring funds to Russia

Julia Sheredeha

Police have exposed the co-owners of the restaurant chain for withdrawing funds to Russia, the National Police said.

During the investigation, law enforcement officers found that the co-owners of the restaurant chain, despite the sanctions imposed and the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, continued to transfer funds to the accounts of the Russian management company. Its beneficial owner is a citizen of Russia — a famous Russian restaurateur.

In addition, it was established that the members of the criminal group were involved in the illegal seizure of land and enterprises, as well as controlling a certain part of the construction business in Kyiv.

In order to avoid sanctions and create the impression that all business ties with Russia have been severed, the brand name was changed. It includes several restaurants that currently operate in Moscow.

Police conducted an authorized search of the groupʼs headquarters. One million hryvnias and 15,000 euros in cash were confiscated, as well as financial and economic documents. The issue of arresting the seized funds and accounts of companies is being resolved.