In Nigeria, recorded the first death from monkeypox. The patient had comorbidities

Sofiia Telishevska

In Nigeria, the first death from monkeypox in 2022 was recorded. A total of 21 cases of the disease have been identified in the country.

This was announced by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

"The death was registered in a 40-year-old patient who had concomitant pathology and was receiving immunosuppressive drugs," they said.

There has been no outbreak of monkeypox in Nigeria since September 2017, but there are isolated cases.

According to the center, although the risk of contracting the monkeypox virus in Nigeria is high, the current situation in the country and around the world has not shown a significant threat to human or community life, which can lead to serious illness or high mortality.

  • Currently, monkeypox is spreading in Europe. To date, 171 confirmed cases and 87 suspects have been recorded. A total of 258 cases were monitored, most of them in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain.