A manufacturer of fake press cards and weapons permits has been exposed in Kyiv

Anna Kholodnova

In Kyiv, the prosecutorʼs office exposed a scheme of mass production and sale of forged journalist IDs, press cards, and weapons permits.

This was announced by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

According to the investigation, the head of one of the publishing houses in the capital set up a scheme for the production and sale of fake documents. He advertised his services on his own website. He produced journalistsʼ certificates, press cards, special passes, and other documents and sold them to people who had nothing to do with journalism. At the clientʼs request, the suspect produced press cards that were allegedly accredited by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

He also traded in certificates for traumatic weapons permits.

The cost of a fake certificate ranged from UAH 3,000 to 5,000, depending on its validity. According to preliminary data, about 800 people used the services of the director of the publishing house.

During the searches, more than 400 ready-made forged journalistic certificates, certificates of public organizations, 50 certificates of traumatic weapons, and state license plates were confiscated from the director of the publishing house. And also — computers with customer databases, mobile phones, and "draft" records.