Russia admits that they will discuss the exchange of “Azov” for prisoners of war, but not for Medvedchuk

Anhelina Sheremet

In Russia, Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Rudenko suggested the possibility of discussing the exchange of Ukrainian troops with Azovstal with Ukraine.

"It is not in my competence. Probably all this is being discussed, "Rudenko said, answering the question whether the possibility of exchanging "Azovs" for Russian military is being discussed with Ukraine.

Asked whether the Russian Foreign Ministry allows the possibility of exchanging prisoners with Azovstal, he added: "I assume any possibility that does not contradict common sense."

At the same time, Kremlin Speaker Dmitry Peskov doubts the possibility of exchanging Azovstal defenders for Peopleʼs Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk. "These are different categories," Peskova was quoted as saying by Russian media.

  • On May 20, the Russian Defense Ministry said that all 439 Ukrainian servicemen had left the Azovstal plant in Mariupol. Then they must be exchanged for captured Russian soldiers.