WSJ: The United States believes that the China Eastern plane crash in March was intentional

Oleg Panfilovych

The United States has suggested that China Eastern Airlinesʼ Boeing 737 crash in China in late March could have been intentional.

This was reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The publication, citing a preliminary assessment by US officials, said investigators had not yet found any mechanical or technical malfunctions on the plane.

"The plane did what it was "told" by someone in the cockpit," a person familiar with the details of the investigation told the newspaper.

The report says that the data of one of the flight recorders of the "black box" of the plane, which was found at the crash site, show that it was the actions of the pilots that pushed the plane to an "almost vertical dive".

China Eastern Airlines has previously said that the three pilots on board had all permits and were in good health. The airline told the Wall Street Journal that there was no indication that any of the pilots had financial problems.

  • On March 21, a Boeing 737 passenger plane of China Eastern Airlines crashed in southwest China, carrying 133 people.