Communal buses stopped running in Poltava due to fuel problems

Anhelina Sheremet

In Poltava, due to fuel problems, municipal buses do not run on routes. The mayor of the city Oleksandr Mamay reported about it.

"We have a strategic supply of fuel to provide the Armed Forces and the Defense Forces with public transport. Yesterday, the executive committee decided to allow the purchase of fuel at the current prices, which change daily," Mamai added.

  • Fuel shortages in Ukraine in recent weeks. All because of the war — Russia fired several missiles at the Kremenchuk refinery — the largest and main fuel producer in the country. The infrastructure of the enterprise has been destroyed, the plant is not working. The Russians also repeatedly fired on the Lysychansk refinery and oil depots.
  • Since the beginning of the active war, Ukraine has lost almost all its imports of fuel from Russia, Belarus and the sea. And this is about 80% of domestic consumption. Now Ukraine is waiting for fuel imports from Europe.