In Kyiv, by the end of May, the cost of route busses may rise to UAH 15-20

Anhelina Sheremet

In Kyiv, by the end of May, due to the lack of fuel, the cost in route buses may increase to 15-20 hryvnias. The chairman of the Association of Carriers of Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast Ihor Moiseenko told Susilne about this.

"Gasoline has not only become more expensive, it is also difficult to find. The fact is that even when you buy fuel in bulk, the price is much higher than at the gas station. And to buy it — it is simply not freely available. Prices reach 70 hryvnia [per littre]. Most route buses are not profitable to travel at all. Not only has passenger traffic decreased, public transport is now free, these problems are simply complemented by the cost of fuel," said Ihor Moiseenko.

In addition to the fact that the cost of gasoline has increased at least 2 times, spare parts have risen significantly. Therefore, fares in route buses may rise to the level of 15-20 hryvnias by the end of the month.

  • Fuel shortages in Ukraine in recent weeks. All because of the war — Russia fired several rockets at the Kremenchuk refinery (the largest in the country), it was the main producer of fuel in the country. The infrastructure of the enterprise has been destroyed and the plant is not working. The Russians also repeatedly fired on the Lysychansk refinery and other oil depots.
  • Since the beginning of the active war, Ukraine has lost almost all its imports of fuel from Russia, Belarus and the sea. And this is about 80% of domestic consumption. Now Ukraine is waiting for fuel imports from Europe.