Journalists establish the identity of the Russian military from the story of the murder of two men on the outskirts of Kyiv

Anhelina Sheremet

The Russian publication "Important Stories" has identified one of the Russian military from a CNN story about the murder of two men in a car dealership on the outskirts of Kyiv.

One of the five Russians was 29-year-old Dmitry Lapshakov from the Transbaikalia region. His face hit the lens of the car dealershipʼs video camera, after which he smashed one of them. The video shows him digging into the items found on the spot and drinking alcohol stolen there.

According to CNN, however, it is impossible to determine whether he was one of the two soldiers who shot men in the back.

On May 12, the American television channel CNN published a video about how the Russian military shot two civilians. Then the occupiers killed the owner of the enterprise and a 68-year-old security guard. After that, Russian soldiers went to the office of the car dealership and searched it.

The video shows five Russian soldiers approaching the car dealership and being greeted with raised hands by the owner and security guard. After the conversation, both men calmly went deep into the territory, but two Russians shot them in the back, and the men fell to the ground. One of the men died on the spot, and the other was able to get up, walk to the room and call for help. However, he died of blood loss without waiting for it.