CNN reporters identified the general who led the shelling of Kharkiv

Sofiia Telishevska

Russian General Alexandr Zhuravlyov gave orders to fire peaceful Ukrainians with cluster bombs. He led one of Russiaʼs most brutal military operations in Syria.

CNN reporters found that 79 artillery brigades fired 11 Smerch missiles, which the Russian army fired on Kharkiv on February 27-28.

It is located in one of the settlements of Belgorod Oblast. This brigade is subordinated to Zhuravlyov. CNN notes that Zhuravlyov is positioned in Russia as the only officer authorized to order a Smerch missile attack in his district.

Investigators were unable to confirm this in the Kremlin and the Russian Defense Ministry, as the agencies did not respond to their request.

"Based on the standard of responsibility of the Geneva Conventions Command, General Zhuravlyov is as guilty as anyone else in his chain of command," CNN said.