The occupiers want to hold a “referendum” in Mariupol on May 15

Sofiia Telishevska

Russia may hold a "referendum" in Mariupol on May 15, said Petro Andryushchenko, an adviser to the mayor.

By all indications, the occupiers intend to directly integrate Mariupol into Russia (along with the "DPR").

"Information is coming in about the intention to organize and hold a ʼreferendumʼ." Yesterday the Mariupol website announced the date of May 15. We have also repeatedly received evidence from sources that the self-proclaimed "mayor" set this date. We can neither confirm nor deny this. We continue to monitor and record the news," Andryushchenko stressed.

According to him, the city is switching to the Russian mobile code, and in school notebooks in the Mariupol district and the city itself, students write "Mariupol, Rostov Oblast".

  • Over the past 24hrs, Russian aircraft have made 38 combat sorties to the Azovstal plant, including 4 sorties by strategic bombers. Enemy barrel artillery and tanks continue to operate at the plant. The Russian military is trying to capture Azovstal and continues to storm it every day with the support of infantry.
  • Defenders of Azovstal cannot surrender, because for the Russians and Russian propaganda it will be a "gift." The Russians will definitely kill the Azovs. At the same time, the military at Azovstal has orders to keep the defense. The fighters, in their own words, will "stand as long as necessary."