Kyiv police has detained humanitarian aid thief. He deceived volunteers for half a million hryvnias

Anna Kholodnova

Kyiv law enforcement officers exposed a swindler who misappropriated humanitarian aid for half a million hryvnias.

This was reported by the National Police.

A man posted an announcement on the Telegram channel that he is ready to transport humanitarian goods. During the execution of the order, the man misappropriated 40 bulletproof vests, 15 walkie-talkies, childrenʼs goods and medicines, which the volunteers bought for the servicemen of the Armed Forces.

After receiving an order from volunteers, the criminal repeatedly asked to transfer additional money, because he allegedly did not have enough money to deliver the goods. After the money were transferred on his bank account, the man stopped contacting the volunteers. This way the swindler deceived four citizens for a total of half a million hryvnias.

Law enforcement officers found the manʼs involvement in eight cases of abduction of a humanitarian woman and informed him of the suspicion. The perpetrator faces up to eight years in prison for the crime.

During a search of the detaineeʼs apartment, law enforcement officers found and confiscated mobile phones, bank cards, military equipment, baby food, diapers and medicines.