Evening summary of the General Staff: the Russians are attacking in three directions, the troops of the Russian Federation and Transnistria are in increased combat readiness

Anna Kholodnova

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine released the report as of 6 pm on May 3:

  • In the direction of Izium — Barvinkove, the Russians are attacking and suffering losses. To support the offensive, they transferred a battery of heavy self-propelled mortars "Tulip" and a unit armed with MLRS "Tornado" from Belgorod oblast to the Izium region.
  • The Russians are also attacking in the Donetsk and Tavriya directions. The main efforts of the enemy in the Lyman, Sievierodonetsk, Popasna, Avdiyivka and Kurakhiv areas.
  • At certain borders, the enemy equips the second line of defense.
  • In Mariupol, the enemy continues to blockade Ukrainian units near the Azovstal plant and is conducting an offensive.
  • In the South Buh area, the enemy continues to fire on the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The enemy regroups troops and increases the number of artillery.
  • In the area of the settlement of Khmelivka (Sumy Oblast), the sabotage and reconnaissance group of the enemy was exposed.
  • In the Transnistrian region of Moldova, the situation remains difficult — Russian troops and the Transnistrian region are still on high alert. The families of Russian officers are preparing for the evacuation.