The soloist of the band Go_A will be the spokeswoman for “Eurovision-2022” from Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

Soloist of the band Go_A Kateryna Pavlenko became a spokeswoman for Ukraine at Eurovision-2022.

This was reported by "Suspline" [Ukraine National Broadcaster].

This means that Kateryna will announce the points that will be set by the national jury during the voting in Ukraine.

"I am very pleased to be a part of this yearʼs Eurovision Song Contest. I remember our joy when the first 12 points were announced. Itʼs nice to realize that I have the opportunity to make someone even happier", said the singer.

During this yearʼs national selection, there was a scandal with the announcement of votes and commentator Timur Miroshnychenko, who did so. The presenter made several mistakes when announcing points. He changed the names of the bands that received the lowest number of points and started all over again. In the end, the announcement of the points was taken over by the member of the jury Yaroslav Lodyhin, who added the points of the spectators and the jury. He declared Alina Pash the winner. During the whole process, the electronic scoreboard stopped working on the stage. Spectators and participants could not see on the screen who gets how many points. Then Timur Miroshnichenko said that he voiced the assessments, which were certified by auditors, but he was beaten by editors who thought he was wrong. After the competition, representatives of the Kalush Orchestra went to the organizers with a request to present the results of the audience voting.

  • On February 12, singer Alina Pash won the National Selection for Eurovision 2022, the final of which will take place on May 14 in Turin. Against this background, a scandal erupted over the singerʼs trip to the occupied Crimea, and some activists accused her of sympathizing with Russia over photos from Moscow.
  • On February 13, Public published answers from the State Border Guard Service about the singer Alina Pashʼs trip to the annexed Crimea. The agency said that she entered and left through the Ukrainian crossing point. However, there were suspicions on social networks that this information was forged. Therefore, "Suspilne" appealed to the State Border Service of Ukraine to confirm its authenticity. The service reported that such a certificate had not been issued, and the agency itself kept the information for only five years.
  • On February 16, Public reported that singer Alina Pash had been disqualified for violating selection rules. Instead, she said she had refused to participate in Eurovision.
  • On February 22, the Kalush Orchestra announced that it had agreed to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022 in Torino, Italy.