The court seized the property of the company of Russian oligarch Deripaska in Sumy oblast. It extracted materials for making missiles

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The State Bureau of Investigation and the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office blocked the supply channel to Russia of minerals that could be used to make missiles. These minerals were mined at the Glukhiv quarry in the Sumy Oblast.

The press services of departments write about it.

According to the investigation, the quarry belonged to the company of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, and the minerals extracted there were illegally sent to Russia.

"According to the investigation, the Glukhiv Quartzite Quarry, owned by an offshore company of a sanctioned Russian oligarch close to the aggressor president, was illegally mining high-purity quartzite, silicon and ferrosilicon at the Banytsia deposit in Sumy Oblast", the prosecutorʼs office said.

Thus, the State Bureau of Investigation filed a petition with the court to seize the property, which he promptly granted. So far, corporate rights, land, real estate, cars, etc. totaling 10 million hryvnias have been seized.