”Slidstvo. Info “: The Russian Orthodox Church is involved in the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia — they are resettled in churches and monasteries

Julia Sheredeha

One of the key roles in the deportation and resettlement of Ukrainians is played by the Russian Orthodox Church.

This was reported by "Slidstvo.Info".

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations provides the clergy with information about the deportees, and they centrally resettle them in churches and monasteries. Journalists have determined the location of church institutions where Ukrainians who have been forcibly deported may be staying.

From the very beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, on February 24, the Russian Ministry of Emergencies sent reports on the occupied territories and deported Ukrainians to the e-mail of the Synodal Department of Charity of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC). The agency also informs churchmen daily about changes in the occupied territories, the number of Ukrainians forcibly deported, routes, and the time of their delivery from Ukraine to Russia.

During the two months of the war in Ukraine, Russia forcibly removed almost 600,000 Ukrainians from the occupied territories, 117,000 of whom were children.

The mass deportation and resettlement of Ukrainians in Russia shows signs of genocide — criminal proceedings have already been instituted in Ukraine for such actions of the Russian Federation. Before crossing the Russian border, so-called "filtration" talks are held with Ukrainians, i.e. interrogations. Then their documents and phones are confiscated.