The court allowed an in absentia investigation against Ilya Kiva

Oleg Panfilovych

The court allowed an in absentia investigation against the former Member of Parliament Ilya Kiva.

This was reported by the press service of the State Bureau of Investigation.

The investigation established that the ex-deputy, while in Russia, took part in one of the propaganda shows on Russian television. Kiva publicly called on Russiaʼs top leadership to forcibly change the constitutional order and seize state power in Ukraine.

He proposed to physically eliminate the President of Ukraine and other high-ranking state officials, and also publicly called for an aggressive war on the territory of our country.

  • On March 15, the Verkhovna Rada voted to deprive Ilya Kiva of the Member of Parliament mandate.
  • On March 29, investigators from the State Bureau of Investigation reported another suspicion of former MP Ilya Kiva for the propaganda of the war and calls for a violent change of government.