Pro-Russian MP Ilya Kyva was stripped of his deputyʼs seat

Oleksiy Yarmolenko, Maria Zhartovska

Ukrainian parliament voted for taking away deputyʼs seat from MP Ilya Kyva. A member of pro-Russian party “Opposition Platform — for Life” (“OPzZh”), he often voiced Russian propaganda narratives and recorded a video congratulation to Putin for his birthday.

The information about Kyvaʼs stripping of deputyʼs seat was confirmed to “Babel” by parliament authorities.

According to them, Kyva himself asked for the abdication of the seat.

Also, four deputies decided to leave “Opposition Platform – for Life” parliamentary fraction: Ihor Abramovych, Tetyana Plachkova, Oleksandr Feldman, and Vadym Stolar.