The State Border Guard Service allowed Ukrainians to continue going abroad with a domestic passport

Oleg Panfilovych

The State Border Guard Service extended the possibility for Ukrainians to cross the border with domestic passports.

This was reported to Ukrainian Pravda by SBGS spokesman Andriy Demchenko.

"The possibility for citizens of Ukraine to cross the border to leave the country with a passport of a citizen of Ukraine (internal passport document) has been extended. This decision was made taking into account the situation on the territory of Ukraine during martial law, when our citizens can not quickly and timely issue a passport," he explained.

Demchenko added that due to humanitarian circumstances and previously reached agreements with neighboring countries, the border guards will allow Ukrainian citizens to pass, including on the basis of an internal passport document. "This applies to all citizens, regardless of the areas from which they come," he added.

  • On Monday, it became known that the passage of citizens abroad with the internal documents no longer works. Citizens of Ukraine must have an international passport to cross the border.