The last day for registration for the multidisciplinary test is April 19. It will replace this yearʼs external independent testing

Anna Kholodnova

Tomorrow, April 19, is the last day of registration to participate in a multidisciplinary test for those wishing to enter higher education institutions for a bachelorʼs degree.

This was reported by the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

“When forming a registration card, pay as much attention as possible to filling in the following fields: surname, name, patronymic (if available), date of birth, series (if available), passport document number, mobile phone number. This data is important not only for participation in testing but also for your submission of documents for admission," the center reminds.

If applicants have previously registered to participate in external independent testing (EIT), they are potential participants in the entrance exams. They are also asked not to create duplicate registration cards.

Due to Russiaʼs war against Ukraine, this yearʼs EIT will be replaced by a national multidisciplinary test. Students will write it online. The test will consist of blocks of tasks in the Ukrainian language, mathematics and history of Ukraine.