Relatives of sailors from the cruiser “Moskva” report their disappearance

Anna Kholodnova

Relatives of the sailors who served on the cruiser "Moskva" say that their relatives have disappeared.

This was reported by the Russian media "Agenstvo".

Sailor Mark Tarasovʼs mother wrote on VKontakte that her son had disappeared after the ship sank in the Black Sea. At the same time, the Russian Defense Ministry reports that the crew of the sunken cruiser was evacuated.

Earlier, Yalta resident Dmytro Shkrebets said on social media about the disappearance of his son Yegor Shkrebets, who served as a cook on the Moscow cruiser.

On the evening of April 13, it became known that the Ukrainian military had hit the Russian cruiser Moscow with Neptune missiles. Journalist-researcher OSINTtechnical published probably the first photos of the Russian cruiser "Moskva" after the hit.

On April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry acknowledged that the lined-up cruiser Moskva sank while towing to the Crimea. He was the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet.