Ukrainian passport has risen in the world ranking of Nenley & Partners

Kostia Andreikovets

The Ukrainian passport in the index of the analytical company Henley & Partners, which reflects changes in the visa-free regime of the world, rose from 35th to 34th place. In total, there are 112 places in the rating.

Today Ukrainians can visit 143 countries without a visa or with a visa. This means that travel is more accessible for Ukrainian citizens than citizens of other countries.

The first places in the ranking are traditionally occupied by passports of citizens of Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and Germany. The passport of Russian citizens is in 49th place in this ranking, although in January this year, it was in 46th place. In 112th and last place — Afghanistan.

  • The Henley & Partners Passport Index analyzes the visa rules of 227 countries and territories quarterly, ranking them by the number of visa-free countries. The rating has been compiled for more than 10 years in cooperation with the International Air Transport Association, which maintains the worldʼs largest tourist information database.
  • For almost three years in a row, Ukraineʼs passport ranked 40th in the ranking, and in early 2019 it even lost its position, falling four lines to 44th place. In 2021, the Ukrainianʼs passport rose to 35th place.