The Security Service of Ukraine detained an agent of the Russian Federation who worked in the Presidentʼs Administration


Counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has detained an agent of the Russian Federation who worked in the administration of the fifth president Petro Poroshenko and other state structures. The law enforcement agencies told "Babel" that the detainee did not work in "high ranks".

This was reported by the SSU press service.

The man admitted that since 2014 he has worked for the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. He was recruited after he fled from Donetsk to Belgorod, and Russian curators chose the pseudonym "Regin" and gave him the task of obtaining classified information at the state level.

Curators even helped the man make a career in the Ukrainian authorities. In particular, the agent worked in court, later in one of the departments of the former presidentʼs administration, and then served in the army. Russian special services paid for his studies and trips abroad.

In addition to secret information, the traitor collected compromising information about officials of various levels and their relatives. This was to be a lever for their further recruitment by Russian special services.

After the start of a large-scale war, he collected information on the latest weapons and military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Now the agent faces life imprisonment.