SES: 300,000 square kilometers of territory in Ukraine need demining

Anna Kholodnova

In Ukraine, 300,000 square kilometers of the territory need humanitarian demining, they are currently being inspected.

This was announced on April 11 at a briefing at the Media Center "Ukraine" by the head of the Department of Pyrotechnic Works Oleh Bondar.

Now, first of all, rescuers are inspecting settlements, then — restoring power lines, ensuring the work of emergency crews of power engineers, water utilities, gas companies, and more. The next stage is demining of roads.

"And only after that we can go to agricultural lands and work with farms and agrarians to carry out sowing work," said Oleh Bondar.

Currently, the rescue service employs almost 550 pyrotechnicians, there are such specialists in all regions. On average, they seize 2 to 6 thousand explosive devices per day and inspect hundreds of hectares of land. The main efforts of sappers are now focused on the areas of Bucha, Irpin, Borodianka, Hostomel, and Nemishaievo, in the settlements of Buzova, Zalissia, Bohdanivka, in Chernihiv and Nizhyn directions, also working in Trostianets, Sumy oblast.

"We passed the city of Irpin, but there are households where there were no residents, and we as a rescue service can not enter the yard [without the presence of the owners]. We leave postcards, and if a person returns, we ask them to call the SES and conduct an inspection of the house, get permission to stay there, " Bondar said.