The UK has imposed sanctions on Putinʼs daughters and Lavrovʼs daughter

Anna Kholodnova

The United Kingdom has imposed sanctions on the two daughters of Russian President Putin and the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov.

This is stated in the updated sanctions list, dated April 8.

The British assets of Tikhonova Kateryna Volodymyrivna and Vorontsova Maria Volodymyrivna, also known as Putina Kateryna Volodymyrivna and Putina Maria Volodymyrivna, are now frozen. Putinʼs daughters are barred from entering the United Kingdom.

The list also includes Vinokurova Kateryna Serhiivna (she is also mentioned in the document as Lavrova Kateryna Serhiivna ).

On April 6, Britain announced new sanctions against Russia to "starve Putinʼs military machine." They affected eight oligarchs and Russian banks, including the countryʼs largest Sberbank and Moscow Credit Bank.

On the same day , the United States imposed sanctions on Russiaʼs largest banks, Russian government officials and members of their families. Also, the daughters of Russian President Putin, the wife and daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, and Russian Deputy Security Council Chairman Dmitry Medvedev are under US sanctions.